how can anime characters easily bite themselves hard enough to break skin and make a cool blood splattering effect out of it i tried this once after watching naruto and screamed and cried

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gsnk has been gaining popularity on tumblr but im laughing bc one half of fans have seen the show or read the manga and know that kashima is a girl and the other half just thinks kashima is a skirt wearing pretty boy but in the end we all ship horikashi


you know whats amazing, that a shojo manga artist who should have a basic idea of what romance is didnt know that a girl was confessing to him and instead gave her his autograph, that his best friend gets embarrassed when he says romantic stuff, that theres a bisexual girl who is the school prince and woos everyone, and the drama club president is in love with her. that theres a girl that proves she is better than everyone and admits it in every episode, and that theres a boy with insomnia that whenever he hears her voice he falls asleep and he still doesnt know she likes him even after they go on dates. this truly is an amazing show.


  • using other person’s armrest in movie theater/plane AU


  • "boxes have become really popular" AU


  • your OTP are trapped together in the school because of the rain AU


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Captain Mikoshiba is a straight up babe


look at this god gwailohing