Me at episode 11, conflicting feelings since I ship both equally xD

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My babe got animated 😘❤ 

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Homestuck sucks No really, it really fucking sucks. I’ve heard from many Homestuck fans that once you get past the first two acts, it gets really interesting. Which is great, (not really) but if ANY other story in ANY form of media took the first two acts before it got better, they’d say it was mediocre at best. Let’s compare it to a movie: The average movie is 2 hours long, in 5 main parts. So 2 hours = 120 minuets / 5 acts = 24 minutes per part = first two acts = first 48 minutes of screen time. If someone wanted you to bring you to the theater to watch a movie, (in this example, let’s just call it movie H) and said “I’ve heard it’s great, but the first 50 minutes or so of it are a bit boring and at time hard to sit through.” Anyone would tell them they’d decline to see it or would rather watch a different movie. It gets especially worse when people in the Homestuck fandom combine it with ALMOST EVERY OTHER GOD DAMNED FANDOM! Hetestuck, Whostuck, sherlockstuck, ANYTHINGstuck, it gets annoying beyond belief. I’m glad it’s ending soon. The faster it ends, the faster the homestuck fandom dies, the better.


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First thing first… Have to learn to get more used to the digital again orz

Anonymous sent: Wait. WAIT. There is an image going around on Tumblr of a Mayu Nozaki dakimakura/blanket that has Mayu on the the front, but has Mikorin with an unbuttoned shirt on the other side. My question, it is actually official?! Because people keep tagging it as Izumi Tsubaki, and I'm...?!




Sensei drew it ;u; Mayu’s blanket with a reverse of Mikorin undressing lol

(we ship it, she ships it too, everybody ship it \o/)

There’s this one too, of Mikorin holding it on his lap :p


Mayu and Mikorin~ That tanuki took at least three times as long to draw as everything else did smh